Membership process

  • On the Home page, click on the "person" symbol on the upper right hand side.

open account runner car

  • Enter the e-mail you want to register as a member.

Enter the email address you want to register with runnercart.

  • The system will send an OTP code for logging in to the email address entered.

OTP Runnercart

  • Open your e-mail and check the message from Runnercart and copy the code you received, enter it and press Submit.

submit OTP

Log in / Register on the Runnercart website will use E-mail to send the OTP code as well... so for new customers it will be considered an E-mail registration and for old customers it will be considered a Log in.

  • After registering your e-mail, the system will bring you to the member information page. Press the person's picture and select Account Information to edit your personal information.

account information

  • Add a name by pressing the pencil mark. Enter first and last name

name runnercart

  • Add a shipping address Customers can add addresses and mobile numbers by pressing +Add. Addresses can be added to multiple locations, including home, work, and more.

Add an address

  • After adding an address Customers can return to the Home page of the Runnercart website to select products. By pressing the word "RUNNERRCART" at the top or the "Go to store" button.

go to runnercart store