Payment method

Rest assured that every credit card payment on Runnercart will be secure. According to personal information security standards

Available forms of payment

  1. Pay via QR Code with PromptPay
  2. Payment via credit card in full.
  3. Pay via credit card in 0% installments for up to 6 months (participating banks BBL,KTC,SCB,KBANK,UOB,TTB,Krungsri,First Choice)
  4. Cash on delivery (Accept both cash and QR Code)

How to choose each payment method

1. If you want to pay by QR Code or credit card in full and in installments: select "QR Code / Credit Card / Installment".

2. If you want to pay on delivery: select "Cash on Delivery (COD)".

3. If you want to pay at the store For customers who choose to pick up their products at the store: Select the "Pick up" delivery method. The system will display a button to choose from. "Pay at the store"

How to pay in 0% installments via credit card

  1. Select "Installment" or in Thai "Installments"
  2. Select the credit card issuing bank
  3. Choose the number of months you want to pay in installments. Each bank has a different number of months.
  4. After selecting the number of installments The system will take you to your bank's payment page to fill in your credit card information.
  5. To change the payment method, press "Cancel Payment".

How to pay via credit card in full (no installments)

  1. Select "Credit / Debit " or in Thai "Credit Card / Debit Card"
  2. Fill in all credit card information and press the "Pay" button.
  3. The system will take you to the bank's payment page. To enter the OTP number sent via SMS of the mobile number linked to the credit card.
  4. When entering the OTP number, press "Continue" or "Continue" and you are done.
  5. If you want to change your payment method, press "Cancel Payment" or "Cancel."

How to pay via QR Code PromptPay

  1. Select "Promtpay" or "PromptPay"
  2. The system will explain the details of this payment method. After reading, press "Pay with Promtpay" or "Pay via PromtPay".
  3. The system will create a QR Code based on the product amount that needs to be paid.
  4. Customers scan the QR Code through the bank application and the system will automatically update their payment status immediately.
  5. if If you want to change the payment method, press "Cancel Payment" or "Cancel".