Website Usage Policy


1. Your affiliation with Runnercart

1.1. Runnercart website under the name "", hereinafter referred to as "Service provider"

1.2. What you use Whether it is a product or the website of the service provider Hereinafter referred to as the "Service"

1.3. You, the user of the service, whether part or all of the service provider. which will hereafter be called "Service user"

2. The user agrees to abide by the various terms and conditions.

2.1. Using the service provider's services requires the user to understand and accept all terms and conditions of the service provider.

2.2. It is considered that the user understands and accepts the various terms and conditions. If you do the following:

2.2.1. When users come to use this website.

2.2.2. The user must press the button to accept the rules of the service before entering the payment confirmation.

2.3. The user should print out the terms and conditions of the service provider as a memo for the user.

3. Permission to use images, content, and text within the website.

3.1. The service provider allows the distribution of some images, content, and text for the purpose of personal use or publicizing others only. Images, content, and text within the website cannot be used as follows.

3.1.1. Improve, change images, content, text, all parts or parts.

3.1.2. Use for commercial purposes. or for personal gain or those of others

3.1.3. Try to improve or make it similar to the information within the service provider's website.

3.1.4. Delete text or images that indicate copyright ownership of the service provider from images, content, messages within the service provider's website.

4. Agreement on the scope of responsibility of the service provider

Service users must understand and accept Services provided by the service provider are as follows:

4.1. Products under the care of the service provider It is considered to be the responsibility of the service provider. When the product has been shipped out or is no longer under the care of the service provider The service provider will not be responsible for any damage caused by transportation of those products.

4.2. The service provider will pay back, compensate for damages in some form. In the case of damage to the product due to the care of the product by the service provider only. The service provider will not be responsible for damages that occur outside of the care of the service provider.

4.3. The service provider cannot guarantee that Service will be continuous without interruption. or without any defects, and the service provider is not responsible for intentional actions. or by negligence in performing the duties of a third party, such as internet connection problems Jam in the channel internet network Miscommunication, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, fire, or temporary service interruptions. and from problems that are not problems of the service provider

5. Agreement on data and password security

5.1. Users must keep the information and password used with the service provider well. The service provider stores information in a safe place. And the service provider will not be responsible for any damage to the website or data caused by the user's negligence.

5.2. The user agrees that he or she will be responsible for the service provider. For all activities that occur under the user's account.

6. Agreement to suspend service

The service provider can suspend service to any user as it deems appropriate, even if the user has not violated any agreement. The service provider is not required to compensate for any damages. or any service fees, for example, accumulated points that are still available, etc.

7. Agreement to change the terms and conditions.

7.1. The service provider can change the policy, terms and conditions of service without prior notice.

7.2. Users must understand and accept the terms and conditions of the service provider that have been changed. If the user uses the service after the change has been made

8. Deleting personal information via Log in with Facebook

8.1 Users who apply for membership by pressing the Log in with Facebook button can request to cancel information sharing through this link Click.