About Runnercart SUre

About Runnercart Sure

Second-hand products Runnercart Sure

Every product is guaranteed to be genuine. The product must have a receipt from a trustworthy store. And every piece must be sent for inspection and put up for sale at Runnercart only.

Ordering and shipping

Interested customers can order directly on the website or come view the products at the store. As for delivery, it will be delivered according to Runnercart's delivery channels, whether it's parcel delivery, Grab delivery, or choosing to pick up at the store.

Returns and Refunds

Returning products

Second-hand products are guaranteed to be returned within 7 days after the package is delivered to its destination. And if you return the product, there will be a 10% restock fee, so customers must make a good decision before ordering.

changing size

Cannot change size You must return the product within 7 days only and there is a 10% restock fee.

Sending second-hand goods for consignment

Sending process

1. Notify the team via chat.
2. Take a photo of the product along with the receipt for the team and notify the account number for transferring money for the product.
3. Clean the product thoroughly. or use Khayii service with Runnercart
4. Deliver products to Runnercart store.

Consignment fee

A consignment fee of 20% is collected when the item is sold. If the product doesn't sell and the customer wants the product back, no consignment fee will be charged. But there will be a service charge for returning the product.

Transferring money for products

If the product can be sold The store will transfer money to the customer within 10 days because you must wait for the product return guarantee period to expire within 7 days first.