Accumulate RR POINT points to exchange discount coupons instead of cash with Runnercart on the website and in storefronts. Including various partner stores


What is RR POINT?

These are accumulated points earned from orders made through the website. and order through the store only (Orders via Shopee Lazada Line Facebook will not receive RR Points) Including activities specified on the web page only. In addition, participating in various activities organized by Runnercart may earn RR Points as well.

What is RR POINT used for?

Used to exchange for discounts for ordering products via and in front of the store only You can also redeem products for free as specified by Runnercart.

Do RR POINTs have an expiration date?

RR Points are valid for 365 days from the date of the last purchase or the date the RR Point was last received.

What do I have to do to start collecting RR POINTs?

Customers need to register as a member by simply pressing Log in or the person symbol and filling in their email to begin collecting RR Points. RR Points will be tied to the email that the customer registered.

How to use accumulated RR POINT points?

Customers can exchange RR Points for discount coupons. It can then be used as a discount for purchasing products on the website or storefront.

Can a discount coupon that has been redeemed with points been canceled?

Customers cannot cancel coupon redemption. Once redeemed, coupons will never expire. Customers can keep it for use in next order.

How to use accumulated RR POINT points as discounts at the store?

Customers provide their member email to the staff at the store.

Can RR POINTs be converted to cash?

RR Points cannot be converted to cash.

When I return the purchased product, will I get the RR POINT back?

There are 2 cases

1. RR Points received from purchasing products will be returned.

For example, buy a product for 1,000 baht and receive 10 points. If the points have not yet been exchanged for a discount Customers will receive 10 points back.

2. RR Points that have been exchanged for purchasing products will not be refunded

For example, when a customer exchanges 100 RR Points for a 100 baht discount to purchase a product. and when returning the product Customers will not receive points back. But will receive a 100 baht coupon back instead. The customer must notify the admin in order to return the coupon.

Corner Shop

How to use RR POINTs?

All Runnercart Corner Shop branches and partner stores can redeem points and accumulate points when purchasing products. By informing the email to the staff at that branch.

How to redeem points for a beverage discount?

Customers provide their Runnercart member email to the cafe staff to redeem a discount


How to redeem points for a running trip discount?

Runnercart members exchange RR Points for a discount at the end of the bill for a running trip with Runtogether.

Exchange conditions

  •  To redeem discount via Runtogether only.
  •  The discount can be redeemed when the final trip payment is paid.
  •  Discount cannot be redeemed when paying the trip deposit.

Steps for exchanging RR Points for discounts on trip fees

  •  Trip participants must be a member of Runnercart and have at least 100 RR Points.
  •  When the final installment payment for the trip arrives, notify the member email to Runtogether.
  •  The trip customer must be the one to notify the use of RR Points only at the time of payment.
  •  Runtogether will check accumulated points and will inform you of the maximum discount value that travelers can redeem.
  •  Trip customers confirm the exchange of RR Points and pay after deducting the discount.

If the trip is canceled

  •  Trip participants will receive RR Points, which is only when the trip is canceled due to force majeure, such as the number of trip participants not reaching the number that Runtogether has notified beforehand, the organizer cancels, and reasons not related to the customer. Rip cancels itself However, we will consider the refund from Runtogether.
  •  Customers will not get RR Points back for any reason. Runtogether is unable to refund customers.