Accumulating and using RR Points

Accumulating and checking accumulated RR Points

  • Press the gift button It's in the lower-left corner of the screen.

check RR Point

  • After pressing, a Pop Up will pop up. If you haven't logged in yet, it will be information informing you of various benefits of RR Point. If logged in, it will show the customer's accumulated information.

RR Point

On the Earn Points page: There are various methods for accumulating RR Points, such as creating an account, birthday, buying products, referring friends, etc.

  • Available points : These are the points currently accumulated.
  • Lifetime points : Report all accumulated points received. It is the total points that have already been claimed and have not yet been claimed.
  • Claimed rewards : Number of times rewards have been claimed.

Using accumulated RR Points

RR Point system is an accumulation of points. To be used to exchange discount coupons and free gifts as specified. in each period May be different

Customers can use accumulated points to exchange for discounts on purchasing products both on the website and in stores.

Discount redemption

  • Press the Redeem points menu to view special privileges for redeeming points. If there are enough points as specified, you can press Redeem. But if there are not enough points to redeem, it will show More points needed.

Using RR Points

  • If a discount coupon has already been redeemed Coupons are based on the "Your claimed rewards" section.
  • To use the coupon you redeemed for points, press "View rewarded". The system will display the coupon code, then press Copy.

coupon RR point

Using discounts to purchase products on the website

  • After picking up the products you want and putting them in your shopping cart. Enter the discount code on the shopping cart page and press Apply.

apple code

  • On your phone, the product list and discount fields are hidden. Press "Show order summary".

  • Then enter the discount received

Using discounts to purchase products at the store

  • Have customers inform the discount code to the staff at the store. Along with informing the member's mobile phone number or email address.

coupon RR point