Test running with the new running shoes. For adventure runners, TOPO TRAVERSE at Khao Lak (side of the cemetery), Chonburi Province. Activity on Saturday 25 Nov. from 7:00-12:00 hrs. There is 1 free shuttle van! There is no cost.

And in addition, Runnercart has a special session teaching uphill using Trekking Pole with Admin Chai (runners bring their own Trekking Pole).

Every runner who participates in the activity will receive 100 RR Points from the Runnercart shop... Please register with After completing the registration form By clicking on the picture of the person on the right. Enter your email address and fill in your first and last name as well. If not entered, points will not be awarded.

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Topo Traverse to try


Saturday 25 Nov. 2023 at 7:00 a.m.
Meeting point at Khao Labak Side of the Cemetery:

For runners who go by van

  • 04:40 Meet at PTT Vibhavadi gas station.
  • 05:00 start departure
  • 06:30 Arrive at Khao Lak, eat rice and find snacks at your convenience.

For all activity participants

  • 07:00 Registration begins for Topo shoes.
  • 07:30. Warm-up begins.
  • 07:50 Run from the cemetery up to the signal tower with Topo Traverse.
  • 09:30-10:00 Return your shoes and relax at your leisure (those taking Trekking pole lessons do not have to return their shoes yet).
  • 10:00. Special session Trekking Pole Uphill takes approximately 1 hour.
  • 11:00 End of activity, eat lunch prepared by the team.

For people traveling with a van

  • 12:00 Return to Bangkok
  • 14:00 Arrive in Bangkok at PTT Vibhavadi gas station.

The atmosphere of the Topo MTN Racer 3 activity at Khao Tin Kai last time.

Tried both the shoes and the Power Walk Uphill technique.

Announcement of the names of event participants

1. Chanasak Sitthiwaikit Pu
2.Pichitpol Thongrompo Mac
3. Thitikorn Cholawithi Boom
4.Duangjai, Duangchampa
5. Sarawut Udomsinsirikul
6.Peerayot Saengthong P.
7. Adisorn Chimbuntherng (Kan)
8. Pairat. Plongmai Jab
9.Ratha Uarprachyakula
10. Marik Saiudomkul (Rick)
11. Niracha Yodpreeda June
12.Amporn Tangpojthaweesuk
13.Janerawiphat Atthaphongphinyo P'ja
14. Thitinan Sukyindee
15. Pensri Sawaengphon (Pui)
16. Jintana Kamonlert