Warranty Ultrahuman

Runnercart Warranty

  1. Satisfaction guaranteed, 14 day money back according to specified conditions
  2. You can change products/change sizes until you are satisfied. The product must be in the original packaging.

Warranty details for Ultrahuman brand products

1. Product warranty period is 1 year. (Except for products that are discounted by more than half, we do not guarantee the products.)

2. The manufacturer is responsible for the product and any accessories. Only in the case of damage resulting from an error in the manufacturing process.

The company considers product warranty from the moment the customer purchases the product. From distributors appointed by Procycle International Company Limited. and the warranty ends according to the standard period specified for each product model. Customers can use the receipt with the dealer's stamp as evidence for submitting a claim.

The manufacturer and importer do not guarantee the product in the following cases.

1. Damage resulting from an accident Misuse, testing, demonstration, improper maintenance, installation, adjustment or modification. including mistakes or carelessness This is caused by a misunderstanding of the steps in the use process specified in the product user manual.

2. The condition of the product and equipment is scratched, chipped, cracked, broken, bent, torn, and has liquid stains. Both outside and inside or burn marks on various parts in any case

3. Any damage caused by humidity, such as the formation of salt stains from the accumulation of sweat from the user. The occurrence of rust stains around the product or around important points of the product, such as circuit boards or connection points for main operating sensors of the product, etc.

4. Adding programs that is not installed with the machine Including various viruses

5. Damage caused by connecting peripheral equipment (Which is not produced specifically for use with products of the manufacturer's brand)

6. Installation and repair by technicians who are not appointed by the company.

7. Products that are traded and changed hands as second-hand products, hand-carried products, products that come from online transactions that are not involved or imported from the company. correctly (the company can check the status from the Serial number system)