Review of SALOMON ULTRA GLIDE 2, the brand's entry-level trail running shoes.

รีวิว SALOMON ULTRA GLIDE 2 รองเท้าวิ่งเทรลตัวเริ่มต้นของแบรนด์

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Trail shoes for runners who like support, can run long distances, and can stand for a long time. Salomon Ultra Glide 2


Formerly the first trail shoe from the label that breaks Salomon's original image of being worn by top athletes. With the character of a thin, lightweight sole, emphasizing agility...​ to be friendly for general trail runners. Thick sole, good support, light weight, comfortable to run.



[ Things updated from the first version]
1) Upper fabric is softer and more supportive than before. It's comfortable to wear on your feet. Don't squeeze the front of the foot.
2) The same Midsole Energy Surge foam but tuned to be more firm than before. There is still comfort when placing your feet. Not harsh when going down concrete roads. and wide shoe base Place your feet firmly. Comfortable to wear for ultra distance running.
3) The tongue is higher than the previous model. There was nothing to notice at this point. SALOMON ULTRA GLIDE 2
After trying it on both road practice and wearing it on the 21K race track at Phrom Lok Trail. I still like the feeling of rolling my feet. This foam absorbs shock well when planting your foot, without shaking. Energy Surge foam sole, thickness at the heel 32mm, forefoot 26mm, provides softness + firmness, and Drop 6mm, Reverse Camper curved sole makes the foot roll quite smoothly. So I feel like I can keep tapping and have fun.
The traction of this model is not outstanding because of the brand's 3.5mm Contragrip tread technology. Emphasis is placed on mobility and comfort.
Salomon Ultra Glide 2 Fittings Did it quite well. Both for tightening the instep and heel... I personally like Lock lace because I feel that this type of lace fits better than tied laces. And this model also has a pouch for storing the end of the rope. Makes it look very neat... Heel lock is also well done. Whether it's flat or uphill, you can hold your heels well.
This field requires us to go into the water often so we got to test the water drainage and the fabric...​. Salomon Ultra Glide 2 There is a TPU frame that wraps around the sides. There is no hole for drainage. This causes water to drain slowly. As for the upper fabric, it doesn't feel like it's absorbed water.
Summary for Salomon Ultra Glide 2 It's an easy trail shoe to run in. No break-in required Can be worn both close and far, focusing on comfort, not competition... This model is available to try at the Runnercart store, Sukhumvit 22.
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