Update on interesting trail running shoes in 2022, which PERFORMANCE line is worth buying?

อัพเดทรองเท้าวิ่งเทรลที่น่าสนใจปี 2022 สาย PERFORMANCE รุ่นไหนน่าโดน

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For anyone who hasn't seen the clip yet. Update on interesting trail running shoes for 2022. Which Performance line is worth buying?

Watch the clip now:



Update on interesting trail running shoes that have been released since the beginning of 2022. What interesting models are there in the Performance line? Let's go see.





Hoka Tecton The carbon panels in the Tecton The reason for placing the carbon sheet like this is for flexibility. Because when running on trails, most of the time we encounter rough, uneven road surfaces. The parallel placement of the carbon plates helps keep the sole flexible. Stable in foot placement and also gives a good response

How is the wearing feel of HOKA TECTON

The shape of the sole is still Meta Rocker, meaning the sole still has a curve, making the circumference of our legs with each step smooth and giving good circumference. The soles are soft. But the foam is still firm, making the Tecton When running on concrete or asphalt, it doesn't feel too harsh. The toebox is a little narrow, typical of Hoka. The lace holes are placed deep into the front of the foot. The advantage is that it helps make it more compact. But the disadvantage is that for people with wide feet, they may feel squeezed at the front of their feet. But we can move the laces into the holes at the top to reduce compression in the front of the foot. The sole part of the shoe is Vibram MegaGrip Litebase, which is thinner than normal soles. make it lightweight The tread is not very deep. But the adhesion is still good.





Next up, the Altra Lone Peak 6 is a more agile trail running shoe. Because the sole of the shoe is not too thick. But it's thick enough to support shock quite well. The floor is EGO foam flooring that is soft and bouncy. This pair, Admin Chai, was impressed by the speed response quite well. It was fun to run on. The soles are soft and bouncy. When I wear them to run on concrete or asphalt, they feel a little harsh. The toebox is quite good. I like to wear the Altra for trail running because the forefoot is wide and friendly to the feet. When going downhill, my feet don't get squeezed. Overall, I'm quite impressed with ALTRA LONE PEAK 6 , even though it doesn't have anything new.




The next model is Lasportiva Akasha II. How is it different from the first model? Let me tell you...it's no different from the first model besides the number 2. The design has the same technology, just the color is different. And I'm quite impressed with the fun of the Lasportiva Akasha II's foam floor because it's a foam floor that's not soft. But I don't feel harsh at all. It's a supportive shoe but responds to speed quite well. Running on the road doesn't feel harsh. The soles are FriXion Red, good grip, the soles are sharp, dig into the ground, and are not slippery when encountered on wet floors. The toebox is quite good, hugs the foot comfortably, and the upper fabric is thick and soft. Even though the front of the shoe looks narrow, it doesn't squeeze the front of the foot. The Heel counter area is quite stable. Holds your heels well. Therefore, friends who are looking for trail running shoes that are firm. But it still secretly has a little softness. It responds well and is fun to run. I can tell you that the Lasportiva Akasha II meets my needs very well.




And the fourth model is the Saucony Peregrine 12, a trail running shoe from Saucony, which we may be more familiar with as a road shoe model. You may not be familiar with the trails. The Peregrine 12 is designed for speed. The name Peregrine comes from the fast-flying bird. The Peregrine 12's character is a lightweight trail shoe. flexible The foam floor isn't soft, it's quite hard. Wear it for running and it's easy to maneuver around your legs. The toebox may be a little narrow, causing the front of your foot to feel squeezed. But not to the point of being uncomfortable. Heel counter. If it's out of 10, I'd give it an 8. The heel lock isn't to the point of being very good, but not to the point of being bad. And the adhesion of SAUCONY PEREGRINE 12 is quite good.





Please give me another model. It's a shoe that's outside of the trend, even though it was launched at the end of last year. But I can't talk about it at all. It's a speed shoe. Not a support shoe, but...comfortable and responsive, that's the Topo Terraventure 3. The highlight that I really like is For people with normal feet to people with relatively wide feet. The fitting on top is very good for fitting the foot. The Toebox is wide but the middle of the foot is snug. The Heel counter locks the heel very well, 10 out of 10. This one makes you feel one with the foot after wearing it. Suitable for racing, responding to speed. The soles are not very thick. The foam floor isn't soft, but it doesn't feel hard at all. Can respond in every speed range, whether running slow or fast. Versatile, the Terraventure 3 isn't light but it's also not heavy. The Vibram® Megagrip outsole is known for its traction. The flowers are not deep. When wearing it, I didn't feel that the tread was hard at all. Adhesion on the soil surface is quite good. With good fittings The ankles are locked in place. The midsole is slightly soft but not harsh. And bounces and responds quite well . Topo Terraventure 3 So these are trail shoes that Admin Chai was very impressed with after trying them.

It's over for all 5 interesting performance trail running shoes of 2022. Friends who are looking for performance trail running shoes, you can definitely buy them. You won't be disappointed.


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