5 things you need to know before choosing an electric treadmill

5 ข้อที่ต้องรู้ไว้ก่อนการเลือกลู่วิ่งไฟฟ้า

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Choosing an electric treadmill What things must be taken into account? Briefly summarized with 5 things you need to know before choosing a treadmill.

1. Motor

The strength or speed of the treadmill is used in the unit "horsepower" or in English it is called "Horsepower", abbreviated "HP" and is easily divided into 1-3 horsepower, it will be a motor that is generally used in the home (Home Use) 4-5 horsepower for continuous use For people who want to do a Long Run, most in the fitness center or gym will use about 4-5 horsepower or more.

This will raise the question of why there is a need for a treadmill with as much as 6 or 7 horsepower. It is because of the purpose of use as mentioned above. The stronger the motor, the better it can be used for a long time. Can be used continuously without fear of motor failure. Suitable for use in the family. In the gym or fitness center Or even people who want to run a long long run will be suitable for this type of motor. (Because if you use a motor with little horsepower Come use it for long runs. will cause the motor to work too hard and break down quickly)

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5 things you need to know before choosing an electric treadmill

2.Running area

When talking about a treadmill, we don't mean the size of the machine. But it refers to the running area or belt itself. Most measurements are used in CM or centimeters, width x length. Looking at the details of the running area must be looked at from 3 parts.

1. Wide running area .... cm

2. Long shelf area .... cm

3. Edge of the footrest .... cm (Some places tend to include the size of the edge of the footrest in the width of the belt. You must ask for details clearly)

Width That is, we will only look at the belt itself as an indicator of comfort in running. The wider the belt area, the The more comfortable we run. It's like running on an open road VS running on a narrow road. It's like when we run in a park with an open road. It will give you a feeling of comfort, freedom, and no worries. But if it's a narrow road We must be careful not to crash. Which if the treadmill wants to run comfortably It is recommended that the width be at least 40cm. But if you want it to be comfortable. So you can choose a wider track. But the wider the width, the higher the price.

length It's the length of the belt. If you buy a treadmill just for brisk walking or jogging. When exercising, it is not necessary to buy a treadmill with a belt that is too long. Because the price will be higher than necessary. But if in the case of a tall person like a model At an average height of 180 cm and above, you need to choose a treadmill that is a bit long. To support the legs. Because the legs are longer The treadmill must be as long as For people whose height is more than 180 cm, the length should be at least 140 cm.

5 things you need to know before choosing an electric treadmill

3. Treadmill speed

It will be used in kilometers/hour (the speed of the treadmill is related to the motor, the more horsepower the motor, will allow the treadmill to reach a high speed)

0-5km/h fast walking

6-9km/h jogging

10-14km/h fast running

15-20km/h sprint

5 things you need to know before choosing an electric treadmill


4. Slope

There are some models of electric treadmills that can adjust the incline. There will be differences in the adjustment system, some of which will be automatic and use electricity. But some must be manual or used by hand. (Most of these are bolt locks) which if the manual type is about 1-3 levels, but if it is electric, most will get a maximum of 12-18 levels from the floor and the numbers shown if different models Different brands may have different slopes.

5 things you need to know before choosing an electric treadmill


5. Weight of the runner

Each type of treadmill can support the weight of the runner differently. In fact, choosing a treadmill that is appropriate for your weight must take into account 3 factors.

1. Weight of the runner 2. Machine weight 3. Size of the motor

*In the case of using multiple people in the house It's best to base your weight on the heaviest person in the house.

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