Difference between electric treadmill and non-electric treadmill


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"What is the difference between an electric treadmill and a non-electric treadmill?" This sentence might sound familiar. Because it's the first question. It has popped up for people who are looking for a treadmill to use at home or condo. Today, I would like to invite you to find the answer: What are the differences between an electric treadmill and a non-electric treadmill? (Aside from using electricity and not using electricity, there are actually quite a few differences.)

Difference between electric treadmill and non-electric treadmill


Let's start with Electric treadmill
There are two types of treadmill motors: AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current).

DC Motor It is a direct current motor suitable for use at home. with a price that is comfortable on the pocket and save more on electricity costs It has approximately 1-3 horsepower.

Highlights DC Motor
- Saves more energy than AC motors.
- Quieter than AC motors
- Suitable for home use

But it is not suitable for use for a long time. This is because the motor will accumulate heat faster than AC.

AC Motor It is an alternating current motor. Use in the gym or fitness center. Has 4 horsepower or more. The more horsepower, the higher the speed. It is also related to the weight of the runner. The more you have, the more weight you can carry.

- Can be used continuously for up to 16-24 hours.
- Suitable for people who want a treadmill for long runs or for use by the whole family.
- Has a higher top speed than DC.


Difference between electric treadmill and non-electric treadmill


Additional points of observation
- User weight It is necessary to know your own weight and the weight of the machine. Because if the treadmill carries too much weight It will easily damage the motor and belt. This is because the motor has to work harder than usual and the belt has to bear more weight than the belt itself can bear.
- slope adjustment Some electric treadmills can adjust the slope of the treadmill. It can be adjusted with two main systems. (Depending on the model) 1. Adjust the slope by hand (Manual) and 2. Can adjust automatically while running (Auto)
- Screen and running program Normally, electric treadmills have basic programs such as speed, incline, calorie burn, time, running distance, and emergency button, but some models also have running training programs included. And finally, in some models, there are usually speakers included in the treadmill.

Compared to a non-electric treadmill

- Belt driven by automatic motor. You don't have to exert a lot of energy to run. If compared to having no electricity
- There are many different running programs. Helps practice running and provide entertainment.
- Easier to maintain speed
- Suitable for beginners, easy to use, doesn't require a lot of training.

- Maximum speed is 25-30 km/h, cannot be higher than this. If you want to do a quick spin for a short period of time, you won't be able to do it.
(Athlete 30km/h about 6-10 seconds)
- There will be a limit depending on the motor. Can't use it for a long time Depends on motor power
- The price of an electric treadmill is related to its quality. If you want complete functions The price will be higher.
- If you choose a product that is not of good quality or use it excessively This can often result in expensive repairs.
- It's an electrical system. Of course, if you use it a lot, it will also cause you to pay a lot of electricity bills.

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Difference between electric treadmill and non-electric treadmill

Let's take a look at Non-electric treadmill (Non motor)
A treadmill that doesn't use electricity, or Curve Treadmill, some people might call it. Treadmill does not use electricity. Treadmill without motor or curved treadmill There are all sorts of names. However convenient you can call it, there is no wrong or right ^ ^

Treadmill does not use electricity. The definition of this machine is simple. The thing is, the machine doesn't need to use electricity. The work uses the force of the runner to move the belt. The shape of the treadmill is curved. (The degree of curvature will vary for each model)

Additional points of observation
- Can carry maximum weight Normally, this type of treadmill can support more weight than a normal treadmill.
- Adjust viscosity (A non-electric treadmill is not an incline. but is used as viscosity instead)
To increase resistance and train muscle strength. Each model has different adjustments. And there will be many levels of viscosity as well.

Compared to an electric treadmill

- Long period of use Save on repair costs, save on electricity costs, no worries about electric motors.
- Set the speed according to the user's body. No need to wait to adjust on the screen.
- Burns up to 30% more fat than an electric treadmill.
- Weave a tray into a shutter. Makes it last longer than a general treadmill.
- Make speed according to the runner's potential, do interval training comfortably.
- Burns more energy per 1 minute than an electric treadmill.

- Because the treadmill will be in a curved shape. You must practice using it in the beginning.
- It's easier to get bored than an electric treadmill. Because it doesn't have as many gimmicks as an electric treadmill.

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Difference between electric treadmill and non-electric treadmill

Which type of treadmill is suitable for which style of runner?

Electric treadmill
1. Suitable for beginners who do not require a lot of adjustment in use. and shared throughout the house
2. Supports use with the Zwift app. Run and compete with people all over the world with Zwift, suitable for bored people.
3. It's easier to control your pace. Suitable for anyone who is training to control their pecs.

The treadmill has no electricity.
1. Respond with good speed Suitable for fast alternating slow or interval running.
2. Can run very fast, at 3 pace, 2 pace, no problem.
3. Run for however long you want. Can be used for long distance running. Ultra Endurance line must have.
4. Due to the curved nature of the treadmill, foot placement does not have a loud impact like a motorized treadmill.
Suitable for condos and shophouses.
5. No need to worry about maintenance. Because there is no motor, the belt is durable.


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