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Many customers often ask questions like, "Is there really a running shoe store here?" "In the village!" "Is it a store or a warehouse?" "Can I go in and try on the store?" "There is It's really in front of the store, right?" Even when we arrived in front of the store, some people still thought if it was right or not....

We would like to say that there really is a running equipment store located in the heart of the city (Sukhumvit 22, is that considered the middle of the city? Haha ^.^) It's easy to travel by BTS, MRT or private car. Parking is also easy to park. at the storefront If you go beyond the front of the store, you might get complained by the aunt next door ^0^
Even though we look like a small shop (But it's really small) which we intend to provide warm service like the feel of the place. (Consider it honoring the appearance of the place, haha. It looks very homely.) Even though it looks like a home, But our stock and products are not available because there are many to choose from. from head to toe There are also 2 treadmills for you to try on. You can also measure your feet. There is everything from road to trail. If it's about running equipment, trust us.
And the last thing I want to leave you with.
If someone asks, After buying it, can I change the size? Please tell them "Yes".
If someone asks, Can I pay in installments? Tell them "I'm fine."
If someone asks, Is it free shipping? Please tell them "free".
If someone asks, Are there any rental shoes for running? Please tell him "I have"
If someone asks, Want to sell second-hand shoes? Can I consign them? Please tell him "Yes"
If someone asks where the shop is, tell them "Sukhumvit 22."
And if they ask what is the name of this shop? Please tell him that #Runnercart
thank you
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i have some problem to down load GPX map file to my Garmin Forerunner 965 which i purchased 2 weeks ago from you shop. please help me to down load. I will be your shop tomorrow (Nov 24) around 10:30. phone # 081-620-3006 thank you.

Yasuhito Kasai,

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