Update on interesting trail running shoes for 2022. Which SUPPORT line is worth buying?

อัพเดทรองเท้าวิ่งเทรลที่น่าสนใจปี 2022 สาย SUPPORT รุ่นไหนน่าโดน

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For anyone who hasn't seen the clip yet. Updated interesting trail running shoes for 2022. Which Support line is worth buying?

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Update on interesting trail running shoes that have been released since the beginning of 2022. What interesting models are there in the Support line?





Let's start with the first model, with Altra Montblanc, a speedy trail running shoe that Admin Chai has placed in the support shoe category. There's an origin to this story... It's Altra's problem. They tried to make speedy trail running shoes. Comfortable to wear but still responsive. Therefore, it is the origin of using 2 types of upper: in front of the foot , it is a mesh fabric that is thin, well ventilated, and flexible. As for the heel area, the upper is made of hard fabric. Single layer that is thin and then the Heel Counter area is lined with a thin cloth. Like performance road running shoes so that the shoes are lightweight.

The point that I put Montblanc in the category of support shoes is that when Altra uses upper fabric that is too stretchy, when going up hill or down hill, the foot can slide around. Makes you feel like you can't place your feet firmly. So I feel that at this point, if I add Montblanc to increase speed, it still doesn't quite answer the question. But the answer to this question is EGO™ MAX foam flooring. After trying it, I felt very wow. Because the foam is soft The type of pressing the foot down and putting the foot down is kapok. Even though it's soft, it's not chubby. There is still a bounce back. It also provides good support on all floor conditions. It is a foam floor that responds to speed well. Whether running slowly or running fast, the foam responds quite well.





Altra has many models of trail shoes and the Altra Timp is considered to be one of the trail running shoes that are number 1 in Admin Chai's mind. No matter where you go running, you have to carry it with you every time. Because I'm fascinated by the softness and comfort of Timp, and now Timp has released its 4th generation. I can say that this Timp 4's softness and comfort are still the same. But the wow factor in Timp 4 is the drainage hole. What we can see is the midsole. This water drainage hole used to be on the Altra King MT when running through water and coming up. You can see and feel the oil flowing out. It keeps water from getting stuck in the shoes at all. which is very suitable for the field in Thailand Having to wade through water, go down streams, encounter rain, and the design of Timp 4 can tell that it looks much better. Let me tell you that people who like soft trail shoes should not miss the Altra Timp 4.





Let's come to the Hoka brand with the popular model Hoka Speedgoat, which in 2022 has released the Speedgoat 5 model. And the question that many people are probably wondering is, how is Speedgoat 5 different from Speedgoat 4? The answer is... The Midsole of the Speedgoat 5 is soft but not as soft as the Speedgoat 4. It is more firm. But still comfortable to wear Provides a better response than before. In terms of the upper fabric, the whole panel has been changed. It's a mesh fabric. that has given more Makes the forefoot more comfortable to wear than the Speedgoat 4. Speedgoat fans will not be disappointed.


And coming to the last model, coming back to the Altra brand, it wouldn't be possible to not mention it because Altra really has a wide variety of trail shoes. This model that we will be talking about is the newest model that is waiting for the launch of the Altra Outroad, which is a hybrid trail running shoe that replaces the Altra Timp, which has now moved to a full-fledged trail running shoe. This Altra Outroad comes with an EGO Midsole that is a soft, bouncy foam. When you try to wear it, the feel is soft, firm, and responds well to all road conditions when compared to the Altra Timp 4. And the Timp 4 is considered softer than the Altra Outroad, so it becomes a single pair of shoes. Suitable for friends who want shoes that can run on both roads and trails. It is also a support shoe. The Altra Outroad is considered to be another interesting model for trail running in the second half of the year.

It's over for an update on interesting trail running shoes that have been released since the beginning of 2022. All 4 models of the Support line have been carefully selected. I can guarantee that you definitely won't be disappointed.


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