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A kind adult gave one bib to Runnercart. Apply for a job at Inthanon at any stage for free! So I brought it to give to the fan page. With simple rules.

  1. Answer the important question of what distance you want to go. Why do you want to enter this phase and what are your goals? Please answer via the form at the bottom.
  2. Request one song for the Inthanon event by UTMB by replying in the comments of the activity post on Facebook RUNNERCART.
  3. Like and share activity posts on Facebook RUNNERRCART.

Every person who answers the question will receive 50 RR POINTS... Please register with After completing the registration form By pressing the picture of the person on the right. Enter your email address and complete your name and address information.

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Highlight Doi Inthanon press conference

Take a tour of some points of the Trans-Int 100Mile route and interview influencers from the trail industry.

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Your race plan website makes planning your race easy... Updated with new features. 1) Adjust food and 2) Weather forecast on race day

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