Runnercart Run Club

Invite you to run on Saturday morning with RR Club. Run to find food at the St. Louis morning market. Registered members will have new running shoes to try on for the Altra FWD Experience... The distance from Suan Pa to the market is approximately 6km, back 6km, total distance. 12 km

** On the way back, anyone who has eaten enough and doesn't want to run back can just take the car back. But you have to return your shoes first and then go back barefoot!! Haha (just kidding, there will be a team of people driving the car back together)

Altra FWD Experience: The first drop shoe from Altra, this brand's new running experience. Guaranteed to impress, easy to run, soft and comfortable, and has a rolling feel.

** If anyone has a Runnercart shirt, please wear it as well. Any pattern is fine. If not, it's okay.

Every runner who participates in the activity will receive 100 RR Points from the Runnercart shop... if anyone is not yet a member. Please register with After completing the registration form By pressing the picture of the person on the right. Enter your email address and fill in your first and last name (if not entered, RR Points will not be given).

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St. Louis morning market atmosphere

Activity's Timeline

Saturday 4 Nov. 2023 at 5:30 a.m.
Meeting point at Benjakiti Forest Park parking lot.
Location :

05.30 - 05.45 : Receive and exchange shoes for Altra FWD.

05.45 - 06.00 : Warm up

06.00 - 07.30 : Start running from Forest Park, destination St. Louis Morning Market.

07.30 - 08.00 : Free Time to find snacks at the market.

08.00 - 09.00 : Return to the forest park.

09.00 - 09.30 : Return shoes, end of activity.

Altra fwd experience

  • Drop, Rock & Roll

    Experience a new experience with Altra FWD Experience.

  • Lightweight

    Light weight, foam soles are soft but not squishy, ​​comfortable to run, fun to run.

  • Natural fit

    Design the shoe structure according to the shape of your foot. Wide forefoot The middle of the foot is tight. For comfort while wearing

  • Color

    Available colors to try And there are other colors available for actual sale.

List of event participants

  1. Torphong Loharangsikun (Tor)
  2. Itthichai - Praipanawet - Cocoa
  3. Pae Itthiphon
  4. Wiphaporn Prasop (Oai)
  5. Sarawut Udomsinsirikun
  6. Atip Buentanon Pae
  7. Suphanat Rattanakunchorn
  8. Chatthep Chulawat Tum
  9. Natthapakorn Phatthanavik
  10. Suracha Aphaijit Noy
  11. Supalak Dechabun - Pu
  12. Supakorn Aphaijit-Nuan
  13. Katesiree Maneerat
  14. Tavanrat Pornphithakdamrong, Toon

There will be a team member calling to confirm and notify the Openchat Line group (the number used to call ends in 2263). See you this Saturday. Note: Various details I will inform you via the Line group again.