Know this before wasting money on a curved treadmill that doesn't use electricity. CORE FITNESS REAL RUN.

รู้ไว้ก่อนเสียตังกับลู่วิ่งโค้ง ไม่ใช้ไฟฟ้า CORE FITNESS REAL RUN

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5 reasons you need to know before spending money on a non-electric curved treadmill, Core Fitness Real Run.

Core-Fitness, a treadmill in the Non Motor family (or a treadmill that doesn't use electricity) , the Real Run model , designed for runners. And for health, there is no motor and no need for electricity. Driven by the power of the user Provides virtual running with a curved belt.

Real Run treadmill specs:

  • Treadmill size: base width 62 cm, length 152 cm, height 124 cm
  • Belt width 42 cm, length 152 cm
  • Treadmill weight 70 kg

The structure of the Real Run treadmill is commercial grade, more than 10 layers of rustproof steel, making it long lasting. The design of the handrail is Real Slim with a safe angle, easy to hold and does not disturb while running. and a special industrial grade ball bearing system of over 70 balls to drive and transmit power at full capacity and are highly durable.

Comes with a Soft-X system belt made from high quality materials with extra thick aluminum composite, durable and able to bear pressure gently. Feel the softness throughout use. You can speed freely according to your running power and can also adjust the viscosity level up to 8 levels. There is a large foot rest area on both sides.

Large LED Display screen that displays real-time exercise data by tracking directly from the belt. Helps you exercise or practice according to your goals. and clearly see fitness Displays information on distance, speed, time and calories burned. and buttons on the right You can choose from 7 levels of advanced training programs.

And here are 5 reasons you need to know before spending money on the Core Fitness Real Run treadmill.

1. Burns 30% more calories than a normal treadmill.

Curved treadmill, does not use electricity, driven by 100% of the user's running energy, thus burning 30% more calories than a normal treadmill. Supports use from training, running to lose weight. Or use it for walking and exercising to maintain your health.

2. Low noise, suitable for running in a condo.

Suitable for running in a condo. Because the impact force when running is very little, the sound is not loud and does not cause disturbance to the room next to or the room below. and also saves space for placing And of course, it's definitely possible to set it up at a detached house.

3. Speedwork practice is very suitable.

Suitable for practicing speed. Because there is no motor, you don't have to wait for the cycle to respond well to running. Curved treadmills are therefore popular for runners who want to practice speedwork, whether it be Interval, Fastlek, etc.

4. Has built-in Bluetooth

The large LED screen makes it easier to see information. It can also be connected to the ZWIFT App... and if anyone has a foot pod / heart rate belt (HR Belt), they can connect to send data to the Zwift app.

5. Heavy people can run.

This Real Run curved treadmill can support the user's weight up to 180 kilograms, so no worries. One treadmill Can run for the whole family


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